22 Jul '14

News Nicky Morgan steers clear of the swamp over Trojan horse report

Education secretary refuses to get bogged down by MP's question over investigation into Birmingham schoolsIt was a pacifying exercise of epic proportion, until someone lobbed in "the S word". Theresa May and Michael Gove, still sporting the bruises from their bust-up over extremism, sat as the newly recruited education secretary administered the brand of balm which Cameron hopes she might utilise on malcontent teachers.The Trojan horse report in front of her, Nicky Morgan soothed away. The House was "in the debt of my predecessor", for ordering the Birmingham schools probe. Gove smiled, legs crossed, eyebrows wiggling manically. "No government and no home secretary," Morgan placated, "have done more to tackle extremism than this government and this home secretary." Continue reading...

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