30 May '14

News No, we have not banned To Kill a Mockingbird | Elizabeth Truss

You might think a government saying that pupils need to study a wider range of more challenging authors would be welcomed. Instead we received a broadsideA lot has been written in the past few days about English literature GCSEs. Sadly, a great deal of it has been misguided or misleading much of it from those who should, and in some cases do, know better.So to re-state: no book has been banned, not To Kill a Mockingbird, not The Crucible and not Of Mice and Men. Exam boards remain free, as they were last week, last month and last year, to include them in their syllabuses. That's why, when we put our new GCSE framework out to consultation last December, we received no complaints regarding the absence of American literature. Continue reading...

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