10 Jun '14

News Not enough hours in the day: more time means more support for students

Pupils groaned at the thought of extra lessons, but academy principal Roger Punton explains how a longer day has paid off for students and teachers in his school Don't lengthen the school day all work and no play harms studentsConsulting on our move to a longer school day back in 2012, we found a quite comical difference between the reactions of two of the main interest groups. In the plentiful meetings we held to gather views on the proposal, there was unanimous agreement from parents that a longer day would be welcomed and eye rolling from their children who were saying no.Almost two years later, however, it's clear that despite my concerns that the change would be challenging for all those involved in fact it was embedded very quickly. It was surprising and pleasing that students and staff adapted so well, and now it seems strange we ever ran things differently. Indeed, in a recent conversation with some staff they asked about a further increase in the school day. Continue reading...

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