16 Sep '14

News Party conferences: what teachers and parents can expect

AS levels, teacher qualifications and bus fares, yes. Tuition fees: no. Here's the education measures we're likely to hear aboutIn 1996, Tony Blair stood on a stage at Labour's party conference and announced that his three priorities for government were "education, education, education". The applause went on for what felt like days. Any politician repeating that phrase at conference this month, however, is more likely to find parents rolling their eyes and teachers heading for the hills.It's not that people want bad things for children. It's simply that 2014 isn't 1996. Back then, less than half of all children passed five GCSEs. That figure now surpasses 80%. Today, better-paid teachers put in longer hours, and leaders are aware that underperformance means losing their job. These changes have added to the profession's stresses, but have meant that far fewer schools are as chaotic as they were in the late 1990s. Continue reading...

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