19 Nov '14

News Peter Whittle obituary

My father, Peter Whittle, who has died aged 82, was a teacher, diplomat, parish clerk, craftsman, toy-maker, woodworker, puppeteer, beekeeper, poet, playwright, artist, subversive, campaigner, protester and journalist. He was also a Punch and Judy man, department store Santa, fundraiser, public speaker, actor, director, designer, mask-maker, musician, theatregoer and critic. He was a Quaker, and Quakers say: “Live adventurously.”Peter grew up in Northampton, the son of Cecil, a barber and gardener, and Jessie (nee Fulton), a doll-maker. They moved to Brighton when Peter was 14, and he was introduced in his teens to Quakerism, which became the driving force of a life devoted to reconciliation and peace. He gained a degree in English literature at Brighton Technical College, then trained as a teacher in Bristol, and studied the teaching of drama at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Continue reading...

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