16 Jun '14

News Phil Mottram obituary

Cinematographer dedicated to the London Film School, where he worked as a lecturer, course director and administratorPhil Mottram, who has died aged 82, was for 40 years a guiding spirit of the London Film School. A warm, compassionate teacher with a dry, northern sense of humour, Phil devoted his life to the school, initially as a technical lecturer, later as lecturer in cinematography, as a course director, and, finally, as the school's administrator.None of these job titles, however, does justice to his unique ability to screen a whole feature film, and before the very eyes of his students, to deconstruct and dissect it, reel by reel, sequence by sequence, scene by scene, shot by shot, and frame by frame, and, with remarkable insight, to identify takes, analyse directing, camera and editing decisions, and much else. Continue reading...

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