14 Jul '14

News Pizza at school is disgusting. The food fight to keep it on the menu is worse | Monica Potts

The school-lunch battle is no longer about what your kids want to eat it's about whatever corporations want to sellThe uniquely unpalatable pizza served to America's students is hard to find outside of a school cafeteria, but it has long played a preeminent role in political fights over the national nutritional standards for school lunches. After all, serving lunch to our nation's poorest children is a $13bn industry, and we wouldn't want the makers of crap foods to miss out on their piece of that pie. So after House Republicans voted to withhold funds for the Obama administration's nutritional standards and in favor of serving more frozen pizza, I found and ordered a cheese pie from Schwan's one of the largest providers of frozen pizza to the nation's schools just to see if my recollections of it were accurate. The directions told me to bake it directly on the oven rack, but I opted for a pan both because I wanted to recreate the school lunch experience and because the pizza fell apart when I pulled it out of its plastic wrapping. Continue reading...

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