18 Jul '14

News Pre-teen proms are doing kids no favours | Viv Groskop

We have gone from a world where children were regarded as a nuisance to an equally wrong-headed world where they are indulged as little princes and princessesThis week, as 10- and 11-year-olds prepare to leave primary school, many parents face one of the biggest outlays of the year: the prom. Primary school, American-style proms already a fixture in many secondary schools have become commonplace in recent years. One mother from the West Midlands told this week how she had taken a second job as a cleaner to save up the £1,000 she wanted to spend on her 11-year-old daughters big night. Electric blue, diamanté-studded princess dress: £200. Limo hire: £300. Nonalcoholic drinks in champagne flutes: £23.I first heard of primary school proms when my nephew left school five years ago. A whole industry had sprung up overnight: the renting of tuxedos, organising of pamper parties, hiring of stretch Hummers. At the time I did not know what a Hummer was. I was amused that a 10-year-old should request a vehicle I had never heard of. Continue reading...

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