4 Oct '14

News Private schools charitable status is great... if youre a foreign plutocrat | David Mitchell

At a time of austerity, the British state is contributing to the education of the children of foreign plutocratsThe middle class is being priced out of private education. That should make you sit up and listen. After all, as Observer readers, youre probably middle class. Reading a broadsheet Sunday newspaper is a pretty middle-class thing to do, in case you hadnt noticed, so the chances are lots of the other things you do are middle class too.Unless, of course, youre reading online, in which case God knows who or what you are. You might be a North Korean secret policeman investigating capitalist decadence, or a mountain-dwelling midwestern libertarian surfing for signs of the apocalypse, or a data-mining bot searching for valid postcodes to inundate with pizza menus. Continue reading...

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