11 Apr '13

News Revision and exam preparation: teaching tips and creative lesson ideas

Join us to share and discuss imaginative and effective ways to prepare students for upcoming exams, live on Sunday 14 April, from 5pm to 7pm

Teacher Jonathan Hancock was 16, sitting his own GCSEs, when he first came across Ancient Greek methods for recalling information. Keen to impress friends with the number of playing cards he could memorise, he mastered the method of using mental images and narratives to turn forgettable information into something that's much more likely to stick in your mind. In a blog for the Guardian Teacher Network, he explained how it transformed his approach to learning and really helped with his exam preparation.

When he became a teacher, it was a technique he found was really powerful and popular with his students too.

For Jonathan, revising in this way is not all about memorising facts, but encouraging students to think more creatively and approach learning in a different way.

History and politics teacher Debbie Bogard has also developed a fun and engaging way to help her A-level students revise revolutionary Russia. Her lesson involved throwing a Russian tea party, getting students to adopt the persona of historical figures and discuss topics including tsarism, the revolutions of 1917 and Lenin's death.

What imaginative ways have you taught revision lessons? Are you a fan of Jonathan's mental imagery technique? Do you have any great ideas for helping students prepare for the upcoming exam season? Are there any techniques you have found particularly effective for recalling the curriculum?

Join our panel of teachers and revision experts to share ideas on fun, creative ways to help students remember what they've learnt on Sunday 14 April, 5pm to 7pm.

The live chat is now open for advance questions and comments - please post those below. You can also email comments to matthew.jenkin.casual@guardian.co.uk or tweet us via @guardianteach.

Our panel

Stephen Lockyer, deputy headteacher at a school in Tunbridge Wells

Stephen is obsessed with pedagogy and innovation in education, recently writing for GTN's 'My best lesson' series on using geocaching to learn about landscapes. He also writes his own blog and can be found on Twitter as @mrlockyer.

Richard Thornley, chemistry teacher at the United Nations International School in New York City

Rich has taught in eight schools and six countries. He uses technology to teach creative lessons and has made 350 videos for the entire International Baccalaureate chemistry course and uploaded them to YouTube.

Ben Whately, community and content manager at Memrise

Ben works Memrise, an online tool which uses mnemonics to boost the speed and ease of learning. He studied experimental psychology at Oxford, where he specialised in the neuroscience of memory. After moving to China he learnt Mandarin by developing a library of visual mnemonics that linked the shape of each character to their meaning.

Matt Britland, head of ICT at Kingston Grammar School and director of education consultants, Realise Learning

Matt has been teaching for seven years and has worked in both the state and independent sector. He is also a teacher adviser for the Guardian Teacher Network. He blogs and you can follow him on tweets as @mattbritland.

Melanie Muldowney from teaching blog Just Maths

Melanie came into teaching after giving up life in the corporate world to make a difference to children's education. She is always trying new and exciting teaching strategies and has developed a great range of exciting resources. She tweets at @Just_Maths.

Action Jackson, head coach at The Fixup Team

Action is passionate about education, students and teachers. He works in a team of passionate people focused on motivating students, teachers and parents, running workshops for children of different ages on how to succeed in their studies and revision. He tweets at @thefixupteam.

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