28 Jul '14

News Rights and wrongs of the Trojan horse affair in Birmingham | @guardianletters

The new secretary of state for education, Nicky Morgan, makes various pledges following the Trojan horse reports on Birmingham schools. Several of her pledges are valuable. The basis for them, however, is unsound. Peter Clarkes report is not forensic, as Nicky Morgan claims (Report, 22 July), but a biased mix of uncorroborated smear, anecdote, hoax and chatroom gossip.It reflects neoconservative assumptions about the nature of extremism; ignores significant testimony and viewpoints; implies the essential problem in Birmingham is simply the influence of certain individuals; discusses governance but not curriculum; ignores the concerns and perceptions of parents and young people; and is unlikely to bear judicial scrutiny. The Trojan horse affair has done much damage in Birmingham, both to individuals and to community cohesion. Continue reading...

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