7 Aug '12

News School fields: '20 more sold off'

The government has approved the sale of more than 20 school sports fields since coming to power, official figures show.

Read the full story in BBC Education UK
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  • Aug 8th

    vanadesse you are totally right i strongly agree.

  • Aug 8th

    But then they talk about the rising numbers of child obesity and the amount of time children spend inside on their computers. It'll be a bit difficult for us to encourage children to go outdoors if in our schools we don't have any outdoors!

  • Aug 8th

    Its a shame and sad kids get so much from being outside and i personally think schools should get more support and funding and less criticism.

  • Aug 7th

    Wow that's not nice. our government is doing his very best that every year he builds a new school with enough area for the children to do out door and indoor play/games.He is even creating more parks where children can find all the opportunities to play freely.