7 Oct '14

News School places: a guide through the minefield of admissions | Fiona Millar

About 75% of schools may now set their own rules about which children they accept. Here are the 10 most common criteria and how they are used and abusedThis time next month the open days will be over, the forms dispatched and the anxious deliberations about which secondary school is best for thousands of children over until next springs offer day. It is over 25 years since the idea of choice was firmly established in the minds of parents. But in some ways the task of exercising that choice is harder than ever.Whereas once parents had to choose between local authority schools and a minority of faith schools, each of which allocated places in broadly similar ways, now the education landscape is dotted with academies, free schools, foundation and trust schools, city technology colleges, university technology colleges and studios schools, all of which have the freedom to set and manage their own admissions criteria. Continue reading...

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