19 Jun '14

News School uniform policies are bad for all students but especially girls | Holly Baxter

A school is cracking down on short skirts and tight trousers. But is it really a good idea to put clothing choices before education?This week, while catching up on trash TV, I came across the second episode of A Very British Airline, in which eager trainee air hostess Jodie had her contract with British Airways terminated for not reapplying her lipstick enough. It was a depressing turn of events. The cameras had followed her closely through the first couple of episodes, with the clear intention of showing her graduation at the end; the decision felt monumentally unfair.The episode came back to me when I read this morning about draconian headmaster Rory Fox (previously a teacher in a prison) sending 250 girls out of lessons at Ryde Academy for having skirts that were too short or trousers that were too tight. Boys were also sent home for flouting the uniform policy, apparently for wearing shoes that were not made of leather. Continue reading...

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  • Jun 19th

    I rather like uniforms. They help promote a sense of unity and they take the hassle out of selecting an outfit in the morning. You could dress all the kids in designer gear and they'd still find something to tease each other about. That's just a kid thing - like the urge to scuff your shoes, skin your knees and do your homework at the last possible moment. ;) xx