20 May '14

News Schools and sexuality from section 28 to Ofsted inspectors' 'gay' question | @guardianletters

The appalling treatment Ryan Gilbey received from his schoolteacher (When I told the kids I'm gay, Family, 17 May) could have been as a result of section 28, which from 1988 to 2003 (2000 in Scotland) prohibited any action in schools that might "promote homosexuality". That pernicious piece of legislation, passed by the Tory government in a fury of irrational gay-bashing, could have been responsible for thousands of young gay students being positively discouraged from coming out. Now the powers that be have gone to the other extreme, with Ofsted inspectors asking 10-year-olds what gay means, in order, it seems, to elicit an answer that will condemn their previously outstanding Muslim primary school (Parents' anger over questions on sexuality halts inspection, 16 May).Jenny MoirChelmsford, Essex Continue reading...

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