9 Sep '14

News Scottish referendum: is it yes or no to politics in class?

Some Scottish schools have not debated the issues over independence. Have pupils who will be voting missed out?Sean Warrington, 17, will be putting his cross in the yes box when he casts his vote in Scotland's referendum on 18 September, a different choice from his parents. But Sean feels he has been able to reach his own decision through studying the options at Boroughmuir high school in Edinburgh's Morningside. "The stuff we have done in class has presented both sides of the argument. I just thought that yes had a better case. My parents are no voters and it's difficult for them to talk about both sides of it."Lucy Wallace, 16, will be voting no. "It's gut feeling, I feel British as well as Scottish. I haven't really discussed it at home because my mum doesn't want to talk about politics. But we've had a lot of debates in school, we've gone to meetings and heard speakers. I feel I understand now why people are voting yes. I think they have some good points." Continue reading...

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