3 Nov '14

News Scrapping GCSE drama from the curriculum would be madness

The idea that taking drama off the syllabus will somehow strengthen its worth in schools is barmy, says Thomas Hescott Curtains for the drama GCSE? That would be a tragedyIm one of the lucky ones: severely dyslexic and with a tendency to isolate, my teenage years were marked by regular phone calls to my parents and meetings with teachers. The conversations would usually follow a fairly routine pattern: Toms behind with his work or Toms not actually turning up to lessons he doesnt want to go to. My parents would nod and look concerned. Then would come the suggestion: We think hes doing too much drama. My parents would look confused and reply: You do know that its drama that keeps him coming to any lessons at all. If you cut the drama he would just stop attending school completely. Continue reading...

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