16 Jun '14

News Seat of learning - studying Pippa Middleton's bottom | Marc Abrahams

Royally connected rear warranted a three-page academic paper, while the discovery of DNA's structure only got a pageA three-page study called And Bringing Up the Rear: Pippa Middleton, Her Derrière and Celebrity", written by a Birkbeck, University of London scholar, Janet McCabe, marks Britain's instant new status as top dog and intellectual driver of an entire academic field. It is, in that respect, as mentally electrifying as was a one-page study called A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid, published in 1953 by a pair of then-obscure University of Cambridge scholars named James Watson and Francis Crick.The Watson-Crick paper revealed the basic chemical machinery by which all living creatures pass their physical characteristics on to subsequent generations. People speak still, these more-than-60 years later, of how that paper revolutionised biology. Continue reading...

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