14 Jun '14

News Secret Parent: 10 things we'd like to say to teachers

Parents evenings aren't our idea of a fun night out, your complicated grading systems are impenetrable and it would be nice if you talked to us before a crisisWhy do you feel you can't tell parents things? Education is collaborative we entrust our kids to you (ok, you take them off our hands too), but, equally, you need us. Talking to us honestly is usually a great approach: one that we can all agree politicians have forgotten. If parents are getting upset about something, there's probably a reason. You too have your reasons for decisions, but we can't be expected to guess them. If you want our involvement and commitment, trust us enough to explain, discuss, and sometimes admit mistakes nothing gets our backs up (or raises our suspicions) like secrecy and defensiveness. Ask us in to come and talk small class groups are good so it's not daunting and isn't about grandstanding. And do it now: don't wait till there's a crisis. Continue reading...

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