28 Jun '14

News Secret Teacher: Gove visited our school so guess what we did with the bad boys?

Hiding stroppy kids, enforcing security, and repainting. No wonder Gove likes what he sees on visits, says Secret TeacherThe Queen, it is often asserted, must believe the world smells of fresh paint. In our days of reduced monarchic executive power this inaccurate view of the world has few consequences, other than a potential impairment to the royal olfactory senses. However, in the days when kings and queens held real and terrifying executive authority, imagine the impact that their rose-tinted perception of their kingdom could have: famine? Not here; everyone feasts like a king. Disease? Just call one of your many physicians. Decaying and backwards-facing education system? Nonsense! Just send your child to Eton, or one of our many equally fine comprehensives.Have you ever wondered, though, what happens when Her Majesty's secretary of state for education takes it upon himself to visit a school? Some of you, doubtless, will have experienced that most debatable of pleasures. Perhaps your experience was rather like ours. Continue reading...

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