7 Jun '14

News Secret Teacher: Gove's finally got something right

I can see why early-entry GCSE exams are tempting for schools, but they leech the joy out teaching and learning. If Gove's reforms stop it, you might find me taking off my cap to him More from the Secret TeacherI'm not expecting to receive a Christmas card from Michael Gove this year (perhaps because I've been spotted marching up and down outside his place of work on more than one occasion). But when I heard that he was cracking down on early-entry GCSE exams last year, I had to prevent myself from sneaking round the nearest corner out of sight of senior management and roaring with unadulterated joy. Why? Because, while it won't entirely stop students from being forced through exams before they are ready (Gove hasn't made it outright illegal, he's just prevented second and third entries from being counted in the league tables), it might just force schools to think twice about them. Continue reading...

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