19 Jul '14

News Secret Teacher: I can't take the stress, but I don't want to be a dropout statistic

I don't want to become another teacher who drops out within the first five years, but I won't be able to stand this pressure for long Can teachers ever have a work-life balance?As we near the end of term and worn-out, run-down teachers and support staff play the endless game of "catch the cold", I decided it was time to reflect on the end of my second year in teaching."Surely you must be on the wind down now?" ask my non-teacher friends. Well yes, you would think so. But actually, this is the time of year when you're the most exhausted and in need of a break, when your brain is crammed with the most information and your diary is bulging with to-do lists. Reports, sports days, end-of-year trips and picnics, transition, removing and updating displays, inputting assessment levels, evaluating pupil progress and now add to that attending training sessions on brand new assessment and monitoring procedures. Let's just hope a change is as good as a rest for Mr Gove it certainly hasn't been for me. Continue reading...

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