18 Oct '14

News Secret Teacher: I love teaching but its robbed me of the chance to find love

When I started in the profession, I knew there would be sacrifices for the greater good, but I never expected that I would die alone More from The Secret TeacherI am 36 and I already feel I had a better life when I was younger. I am consumed by loneliness as I sit in the school staffroom pondering my future. I sacrificed my tentative 20s to apply for jobs all over the country, instead of building a life with another person. Teaching took over my life, and while I had friends and colleagues to socialise with, I never had the time to build a relationship, or even have anything that resembled it, and gradually my social self-esteem plummeted.Now you may think this is odd, but if you knew that I was gay then it may make more sense. Moving around the country for a job, having to build new friendship groups often in areas without access to a gay social scene makes it harder for me as a lesbian teacher to find that special someone who completes my life. Continue reading...

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