6 Sep '14

News Secret Teacher: its a privilege to teach but should I have to pay for it?

I have spent money on everything from laminating pouches to fabrics for themed classrooms but am rarely reimbursed. The spiralling costs must end More from The Secret TeacherWhen I finally passed my first year as a newly qualified teacher friends congratulated me. It had been a long gruelling journey to get there: three years as an undergraduate, two as a teaching assistant, and a year on top of that doing my PGCE. Finally, I had completed my first year and it had been a hard one.Dont get me wrong, I love my job and Im proud of what I do. I work in a London primary school rated good by Ofsted, but there is one aspect of teaching that has been a revelation to me since I got started and that is the staggering financial cost of the job. Continue reading...

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