23 Aug '14

News Secret Teacher on pack mentality: fail and your colleagues will leave you behind

Theres an attitude among teachers that failure is contagious. Gone are the days when we would see someone struggling and help More from Secret TeacherMy personal worth is tied to my students results. It affects everything from who I eat lunch with to who sits next to me in meetings. The chair test is quite a good indicator of whether you are held in high esteem by colleagues. Most of our school staff enter a room, look around, make a quick judgment about who the most successful person is and make a beeline for them.If you, by hard work or miracle, become the teacher who everyone wants to sit beside, then you are paraded around all sorts of meetings and asked to share cheery best practice ideas with groups of bored and resentful colleagues who have probably been teaching longer than you have been alive. Continue reading...

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