15 Nov '14

News Secret Teacher: parents, please remember were people too

Parents need to trust that as teachers we know what were doing and treat us with the same respect and courtesy that we show to themIt started as a perfectly ordinary day. I got into school just after 7.30am, made a cup of tea, chatted to a couple of people in the staff room then pottered off to my classroom and logged onto my computer. I had just started working through the mornings email deluge delete that, file this, print that, forward this when one particular message caught my eye. It was from Nightmare Parent and it had dropped in to my inbox at 10 minutes to midnight.It read: What sort of teacher do you call yourself? I have just put Joe back to bed for the tenth time. He keeps waking up screaming because he cant do question three on his maths homework. I cant do anything with him. Im not getting any sleep. You really must do something about your poor teaching. Continue reading...

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