25 Oct '14

News Secret Teacher: stop treating NQTs as cannon fodder

Newly-qualified teachers are vulnerable its a tough year and you have to pass. Schools need to think carefully about the support they offer my subject mentor left me a nervous wreck More from The Secret TeacherI remember feeling mixed emotions when I entered my newly-qualified teacher (NQT) year. After a tough PGCE, I was nervous about starting my new career, but I also had an overriding sense of excitement and optimism. I was proud to call myself a teacher.The bullying started suddenly. In my enthusiasm I missed the warning signs that things might be tough in my new school: the headteacher had a reputation for being extremely authoritarian and although I was employed as a full-time teacher, on my second day in the job I was told I would be part-time support staff which didnt give me enough hours to complete my NQT year. Instead of having just one subject mentor I ended up having three through the course of the year due to staff changes. Continue reading...

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