5 Jul '14

News Secret Teacher: the truth is we all have favourites

How do you disguise the fact that you prefer some students over others? This week's Secret Teachers resorts to camouflage and, when that fails, ABBA More from Secret TeacherHere is the truth: I have favourites. I also have the opposite of favourites. I have tried to think of a less clumsy phrase than "not favourites" but I haven't yet come across a word which describes how I feel about this particular group without crossing into nasty territory. It's not that I hate them I don't I save all my hatred for pointless bureaucracy and petty staffroom politics. Instead these students, just, well, they're not my favourites.All my students fall into three categories: favourite, not favourite and "meh". The categorisation of these students is wholly subjective (and often spectacularly random) so admitting to these behaviours in school is frowned upon. I am perfectly happy to confess in private but I'd rather be caught stealing the office manager's handbag than treating students differently depending on their favourite status because that would make me the kind of shoddy teacher that we complain about to our therapists. Continue reading...

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