30 Aug '14

News Secret Teacher: we all have our dark days, but dont forget youre making a difference

Its easy to feel disillusioned as a teacher. For those dreading a new term, try and remember the pupils who need you More from Secret TeacherLike most teachers, I have some truly great stories to tell. I once left a child at school when I took the rest of the class on a trip luckily, I remembered and ran back to get her. I have had to explain to a sweary mother about her similarly sweary sons language while she swore at him, indignant as to where he had heard language like that (a true story).I had a child throw chairs at me in my first year as a teacher because the student didnt want to do ICT (sadly, another true story). These are the accounts I like to recall when meeting new people. Most often the response I get when I tell people what I do is, I have so much respect or Wow, thats a tough job. Well, yes, teaching is tough and sometimes it is really tough. Continue reading...

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