24 May '14

News Secret Teacher: why are we really put through the pain of Ofsted inspections?

Stomach pains, insomnia and anxiety mean one thing Ofsted inspections. But the fact that performing well in assessments is put before before staff wellbeing is appalling More from The Secret TeacherI work in a brilliant school. I am reluctant to use the word outstanding because of the pejorative overtones created by Ofsted. But it is "outstanding" at least it was at the time of the last inspection. This was some years ago and since then we have changed to an academy. We are a very different school; different, but still outstanding in so many ways.At this point, please don't lose interest. I know that there is nothing to equate with the gut-wrenching fear and tension of an inspection in a school faced with the genuine threat of closure. Even so, no amount of previous outstanding ratings can play down the anxiety that comes when the inspectors arrive. And so it was last week when one afternoon we were called together and told to expect inspectors at 8am the following day. Continue reading...

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