25 Sep '14

News Sex education in schools: it's just bananas

The reproductive cycle of a pea or a roll of sticky tape means very little to a young person thinking about sex and relationships for the first time. Why are so many children not being taught about consent or sexuality?What do sticky tape, lily pads and bananas have in common? They have all been used to educate children about sex.When people started discussing their personal experiences of school sex and relationships education (SRE) on Twitter this week as part of the #SREnow campaign, the responses were, well, eye-opening. One person described being taught the sex life of a pea and having to extrapolate from there. Another was instructed to write I am Catholic on her AS-level biology exam paper if a question about contraception came up. Together, the hundreds of tweets revealed a stark picture of the information young people receive about relationships.#SREnow we had packing tape put on our arms and ripped off to simulate what sex was going to be like emotionally/physically@EverydaySexism I was lucky. In school at age 13 they blindfolded us, had us spin around & then put a condom on a banana #SREnow@EverydaySexism #SREnow My experience of sex ed in school? Absolutely none."Relationships," consent, and healthy sexuality were no part of any curriculum I heard of. #SREnow@EverydaySexism We didn't get Sex ed and this was only a few years ago - I'm 18. They even cancelled guest speakers I.e. Choices #SREnow@EverydaySexism We watched a video of some people playing naked Volleyball. Nothing useful at all about consent or saying no. #SREnow@EverydaySexism just 2yrs ago my daughter shown a dvd where a cartoon woman chases man with feather duster round the bed. #SREnowWe were shown a vid of a woman (egg?) sitting on a lily pad in swimming pool while men (sperm?) raced to get to her. @EverydaySexism #srenow@EverydaySexism boys sent out whilst girls were told about periods. Nothing on consent, definitely nothing on LGBT relationships #SREnow@EverydaySexism #SREnow our teachers just told us that EVERYONE does it. Being an asexual that was the reason I forced myself to do it.#SRENow As a bisexual man, something explaining that my feelings were perfectly normal would have been useful, franklyWe were taught that girls need to be careful and close our legs or "we might be raped" #SREnow#SREnow my catholic school taught consent by suggesting if your skirt is shorter than knee length, you've essentially said "yes".Worst thing from sex ed? On dealing with #DV: "Be nice to boys and they won't have to hit you." Public HS. #SREnow @EverydaySexism@EverydaySexism My tutor was too embarrassed to even say 'sex'. He called it 'jiggery pokery'.@Queenof_Hell @EverydaySexism I'd be more embarrassed to say jiggery pokery than 'sex' to be honest Continue reading...

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