4 Nov '14

News Shetland Islanders fight plan to force children to boarding school

Secondaries on the outlying islands are facing closure which would mean 11-year-olds sent away from home during the weekUp to 112 children aged as young as 11 are set to be forcibly sent to boarding school under controversial plans by Shetland Islands council. The most radical proposal now under public consultation would see three junior high schools closed on the smaller islands by 2016, and pupils sent to board at Anderson high school on Shetlands biggest island, Mainland.It would be horrible. Id be away from home in the hostel on my own, Monday morning to Friday afternoon, says Emily Johnson, 11. Id miss my family. I wouldnt be able to carry on with my knitting group. What happens if I turn ill? Now my mum looks after me. All this is worrying me already. Continue reading...

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