28 Oct '14

News Spelling it out: is it time English speakers loosened up?

English is an uncommonly tricky language to spell. Is this why we put it on such a pedestal?I cant remember exactly how often spelling tests happened at school maybe every week or two but I do remember I looked forward to them. Wed be tested, Id do well, then Id feel good about myself. Children who werent good at spelling would feel bad about themselves. Thats just how it worked.In some ways prescriptivism about spelling is falling out of fashion. Today, even the biggest pedants (Im looking at you, Stephen Fry) will concede that it is in rather poor taste to emphasise the form of something as fluid as language over its function. But when it comes to the classroom, a lot of that understanding flies out the window. Children just have to learn how to spell like it or lump it. Continue reading...

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