21 Oct '14

News Spot the difference: why do more men teach in independent schools?

While women dominate both sectors, significantly more men enter and stay in private education. Lucy Ward explores what the statistics mean for teachers career optionsThere are plenty of misconceptions about the differences between state and private education in the UK. But when considering teaching employment options, there are some reassuringly solid facts including statistics showing clear contrasts between the gender balance in maintained and independent school staffrooms.While women dominate both sectors, the proportion of men teaching in private schools is significantly higher than in their state counterparts. According to a 2014 census by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), which represents more than 1,200 independent schools in the UK and overseas, almost 40% of full-time equivalent teachers in its member schools are men. In state schools, in contrast, the latest Department for Education statistics show that in 2013 men accounted for just over a quarter of teaching staff. Continue reading...

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