19 Jun '14

News Strong schools find helping neighbours brings rewards at home

While becoming a national leader in education allows successful headteachers to help struggling schools, the partnership also teaches them a lessonThe role of a national leader in education (NLE) sounds surprisingly loose: the expectation from the Department for Education is simply that you will work with one or more schools to have an impact on standards. Behind that outline lies a lot of complexity, but also one factor that can be easily forgotten: this is a scheme that, entered into with care, can have enormous benefits for the school doing the supporting, as well as for the school receiving help.As headteacher at Saffron Walden County High School (SWCHS) in Essex, I was approved to be an NLE because I met the two criteria: my own school was rated outstanding, and I had previous experience of partnership working. Together with two other senior staff, I've been providing support to a partner secondary school, graded inadequate with serious weaknesses, since January 2013. Continue reading...

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