16 Jul '14

News Talking to parents in 140 characters: how are schools using social media?

Social media isn't just about cyberbullying and selfies. Journalist Lucy Ward explores how schools are using the likes of Twitter and Facebook to engage parents 10 tips for how schools use social mediaSocial media and schools are not always a match made in heaven. Instead of being a cause for excitement, the words Facebook and Twitter can be a headache for many headteachers who worry about safeguarding, cyberbulling and abusive messaging.But the intersection between schools and the online world is not merely a question of educating pupils about online safety. In parallel, though with far less of a fanfare, schools are starting to use social media in their own right, employing the same tools students use to post selfies to talk to parents, display and explain classroom activities and, albeit tentatively, encourage feedback and debate. Continue reading...

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