11 Nov '14

News Teacher's guide to sleep and why it matters

On average teachers get just six hours sleep a night. Neurologist Judy Willis explains why this is detrimental and offers her tips on how to nod off with easeIf you are a sleep deprived teacher you may not be aware of the term woodpeckering, but youve probably done it. It happens the day following a bad nights sleep. Youre sitting in a long meeting and you can barely keep your eyes open, so you prop your head up with your hand. Next thing you know, you are jerking your sleeping head back to its upright position. Do this a few times and you are woodpeckering.I thought I knew sleep deprivation when I did my medical internship in hospital. That year I frequently went 36 hours with no sleep. When I finished my residency in neurology, I welcomed the promise of full nights of sleep ever after. It went pretty well for the next 10 years until I became a school teacher and experienced a whole new level of sleep deprivation. Continue reading...

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