16 Oct '14

News Teachers, is it worth becoming an examiner?

Repeatedly marking the same question is mind-numbingly boring, but its a great insight into how exams are assessed, says teacher Andrew JonesIts often said that marking exams is the best professional development you can get. As an examiner, I would generally agree that its excellent training. Nonetheless, marking involves time and effort and any benefits need to be weighed against negatives: some teachers appreciate the opportunity to earn extra income whereas others find theyve signed up for weeks of misery.To start with the positives: exam boards pay you. The board I mark for paid £3.05 per exam script this year which meant that by marking the standard 300 scripts allocated, I earned up to £915 before tax. I also received expenses and could request additional scripts if I wanted to. In the past Ive led my own team of examiners, which not only developed my leadership and management skills, but also included further payments for supervising, moderating and reporting. It enhanced my CV, and the progression happened after just two years of general examining. Continue reading...

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