16 Jun '14

News Teenage girls and domestic violence the truth

Young women aged 16 to 24 are most at risk of domestic violence. BBC3's Murdered By My Boyfriend aims to bring the message to schoolsAlone in her room getting ready for a night out, 19-year-old Ashley Jones pulls up her top and tries to pretend that the purple mark disfiguring her lower back isn't there. The bruise is just one of many such hidden injuries inflicted by her long-term boyfriend Reece, the father of their child.This harrowing moment is in BBC3's upcoming domestic violence drama Murdered By My Boyfriend. The 60-minute film draws on extensive interviews with the real victim's friends and family (names have been changed at their request) to tell the story of how this lively, warm-hearted girl fell in love, had a child and four short years later was beaten to death on the floor of her bedroom by a man who claimed to love her. Continue reading...

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