16 Sep '14

News Teenage kicks? Todays young people are too focused on the future | Lola Okolosie

As a teacher, I can see the rise in generation sensible and no wonder with all the pressure young people faceWhen I tell people that I am a secondary school teacher there is one standard response: incredulity. This is usually followed by comments about how tough working with teenagers must be, as I am transformed, before my interlocutors eyes, from a diminutive 52 woman into an Amazonian who is brave enough to battle the Vicky Pollard generation. My protests that my students are lovely, largely conscientious and that I enjoy my work are taken as signs of a saint-like humility.It is an almost universal belief that teenagers are trouble. Yet as new figures from the Department of Health show, adolescent delinquency, that familiar rite of passage, is fast disappearing. Teenagers today are less likely to take drugs, smoke and drink. And over the past 40 years, and especially the past 15, teen pregnancy rates have been in decline, while abortion rates for under-18s have also fallen. Seemingly, anything mum and dad got up to is now considered passé and pathetic, even sex, drugs and rock and roll. Continue reading...

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