9 Jul '14

News The academies model of education is damaging, costly and unsustainable

Recent scandals, such as the Trojan horse affair, have highlighted key faults with academies and free schools. The maintained trust school model would work betterThe penny seems finally to be dropping. The enormous structural flaws in the school system that's been developed by the coalition government have been brutally exposed by a series of recent cases concerning academies and free schools, as well as the Trojan horse affair in Birmingham. It is fragmented, incoherent, susceptible to impropriety and essentially unsustainable.Professor Andy Green, a leading researcher on comparative education at the the London Institute of Education, has pointed out that the constant reorganisations since the 1980s have created "a byzantine complexity of school types, and a school 'system' so fragmented that it barely warrants the name". The huge increase in academies and the growth of free schools since 2010 have laid the fault-lines bare. Continue reading...

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