25 Jul '14

News The competitive spirit and school sports days

In my day, sports were the only way for the less smart to excel but now the swots are triumphantI was trailing about 15m behind the other runners at my daughters school sports day in the parents 100m race, when the thought occurred to me. I really dont mind. This might sound like an unremarkable sentiment. After all, who cares who wins and loses a parents sports day race? Other than, of course, the 20 or so blokes far ahead of me who were giving it all they had. Not that long ago, I would have been with them probably making myself sick to give everything I had. And I still would have finished last.But one of the advantages of getting older is that you lose your competitive edge partly out of the simple rationalisation that its a bit pointless having a competitive edge when youre going to lose anyway. Not so long ago it was very different. Continue reading...

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