19 Oct '14

News The entire schools inspection culture is the problem | Zoe Williams

Ofsted is a corporate concept driven by competition and measurement. But children are not robotsA new accusation being made against Ofsted is that superhead Rachel de Souzas Inspiration Trust academies knew in advance when its inspectors were coming. She denies the allegation. If you take the view that public servants are generally honest and motivated by doing good, then you may be untroubled by the revelation, irrespective of whether this particular public servant is admired by Michael Gove, who once said he would like to clone her 23,000 times (once for every state school).To be notified that your inspection is bound to be this term is clearly less helpful than your Ofsted inspection will be on this date in three weeks. For practical purposes those things may not be wildly different. Perhaps being given a specific date could yield advantages that only those in the system would know. Continue reading...

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