2 Sep '14

News The first week of free school meals: share your stories

Free school meals will be offered for every five to seven-year-old for the first time, but there are concerns about funding. Tell us everything from how prepared you are to what youre servingThe Liberal Democrats free school meal scheme rolled out this week has been met with concern from some quarters, with headteachers saying the policy will be difficult to deliver without adequate kitchen facilities.The £1bn scheme serves an estimated two million five to seven-year-olds in England, but a Local Government Association (LGA) poll suggested that just weeks before the initiative was due to start some councils faced a funding shortfall. @GuardianTeach When teaching I had children come with chocolate bars and fizzy drinks, providing can encourage those who don't get from homeLocal teachers who have spoken to me about botching of School Meals policy will be struck by how out of touch Nick Clegg sounds on #r4today Continue reading...

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