16 Jun '14

News The government wants children to run businesses it will be awful

Government plans to teach primary school kids business sense risk turning the playground into an entrepreneurial dogfightWe're about to be cursed with a generation of miniature Apprentice candidates. We'll soon live in a world where our five-year-olds will stagger around their playgrounds under the weight of their own hair gel, promising to give everything 110% and forgetting how to spell their own name because they're too busy comparing themselves to sharks. It'll be awful.But it's an unavoidable consequence of the government's new plans to bolster the UK's business ambitions. On Thursday, Lord Young, the prime minister's adviser on enterprise, is set to propose a scheme in which all primary school students are taught how to run a business for profit. According to the Telegraph, one of Young's suggested plans is the expansion of a current initiative called the Fiver Challenge, under which pupils are given five pounds each and told to set up a profit-making business with it. Continue reading...

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