14 Aug '14

News The Guardian view on universities: growing bigger | Editorial

This year, an extra 30,000 university places will be added to the overall total. A radical higher education experiment that does not promise an era of settled certaintyWell done, A-level examinees, for surviving perhaps the grisliest two years of education you are likely to face. And welcome to the rest of your lives. More of you have taken hard, academic subjects like maths and the sciences than ever before, and more have scored the very best results. The very slight fall in the pass rate is almost certainly nothing more than the random variation of human experience.For the 300,000 young people who collected their results at 9.30am on Thursday, it was above all an intensely personal experience. Yet elsewhere, A-level results day has become save in Scotland, where pupils do not sit the same exams a day of national educational catharsis, variously treated as a judgment day on schools policy, exam boards, schools and teachers as much as on individual students. Continue reading...

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