11 Jun '14

News The guinea pigs in Gove's model madrasas are our children. We never agreed to this experiment | Suzanne Moore

If Michael Gove's exam-obsessed education policy had been presented as a coursework essay, it would have failedFor some time now I have been worried about extremism in schools. A zealotry is invading the classroom. Rooting it out is difficult, as the leader of the cult is the education secretary. To be fair, he is only following in Labour's interfering footsteps, but every time I think we have reached peak Gove, he pulls off another spectacular.One must be ever-vigilant, for between tussling with Theresa May and semi-combusting about Syria, he is busy meddling with our children. Relax, I say to myself, half of his pronouncements won't see the light of day. Remember the baccalaureate that was definitely happening? But the man's meddling never stops. Continue reading...

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