5 Nov '14

News The latest attempt to scare the public about sex education is obscene | Ally Fogg

Reactionary campaigners are kicking up a storm about a tool that helps teachers identify abuse. This hinders efforts to protect childrenRecent years have seen a belated and depressing but necessary unveiling of the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation in our society, whether in institutions, within criminal gangs or in private households. At last there is a sense that victims reports may sometimes be believed, that abusers may be tracked down and punished and that our children, whatever their backgrounds and circumstances, may have a chance of receiving the protection and safety to which every single child is entitled.One might have imagined such developments would be welcomed by everyone, so it is deeply shocking that this week reactionary campaigners including charities, politicians and sections of the press are conniving in a grotesque attempt to squeeze the genie back into the bottle, suppressing the very information which allows teachers and other professionals to identify warning signs of sexual exploitation and therefore safeguard children in need. Continue reading...

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