5 Nov '14

News The lessons of Ann Maguires death and the need to heed them | @guardianletters

You say (Editorial, 5 November) that the decision of Mr Justice Coulson to allow the murderer of Ann Maguire to be named in response to a request from the Guardian and other news organisations is contentious. Your editorial goes on to explain and justify your action because of the very particular circumstances of the case. One could equally argue that, in the case of such particular circumstances, the law should be at its most robust in protecting the rights of those who are legally considered children, as well as the rights of victims and their families.There is a real fear that the media will use the precedent of this case to press for other breaches of anonymity where offences by children are involved, citing the oft-uttered rationale of in the public interest. Such fears would be allayed if the much-vaunted new press regulator, Ipso, was to make a clear statement that it expects its members, who have already signed up to the code, to respect the law in letter and in spirit as far as anonymity for children is concerned. Those who have not signed up to Ipso should be asked to make similar declarations. Continue reading...

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