25 Sep '14

News The niqab is no reason to deny a girl an education | Gaby Hinsliff

A school in Camden has barred a pupil for wearing a veil. This is not how a liberal education should workGotcha, as the Sun is surely thinking. Once again, Ed Miliband has been done up like a kipper by the tabloid of choice for the struggling low-earners he seeks to represent. And this time its not for going along with one of its patriotic publicity stunts as when he posed with its World Cup front page but for refusing. Asked on a crazily busy day to be photographed wearing a Help for Heroes charity wristband, he failed to do so, and was duly patriot-shamed.Admittedly, it could have been better handled. (If youre not going to play the Suns game, fine, but tell everyone why before it does preferably while declaring undying gratitude to war veterans and making a private donation.) But it was a cheap trick, reeking of that aggressive with-us-or-against-us patriotism that roams the streets looking for anyone who doesnt fall into step. Nobody should be bullied into wearing something to prove their allegiance to a country, whether its a bracelet or a red poppy or a saltire in face paint. And nor, arguably, should they be bullied out of wearing something. Continue reading...

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